Bill Clinton And That Means What, Exactly?

As Larry Bohannan writes after learning that the PGA Tour is contemplating jumping into bed a global brand and platform-intrinsic partnership with Bill Clinton to save the Bob Hope Classic: "And what about a sponsor?"

That and a long list of questions will hound the PGA Tour's pursuit of its very own original idea to pursue the former President of the United States for a Bob Hope Classic partnership.

My questions:

- How would Clinton help the field? If I recall, we had a Ryder Cup team that didn't want to go visit the White House--with Paul Azinger's childish antics really standing out--why would the PGA Tour's petty partisans be any less immature now when the man doesn't even have the cache of the Oval Office to dangle?

- How does this get the Hope a sponsor or the ability to match appearance fees paid in the other desert?

- Why is lining up another charity on the radar for this event?  Charitable causes to contribute to are not the issue. Field, visibility, date, sponsor, format, 6-hour rounds and dreary courses are much bigger issues.