Seve, The Movie?

Thanks to reader Chris for Geoffrey McNab's story on the film planned and focusing on Seve's formative years.

Fans know him as one of the game's greatest ever escape artists: a player who put himself in trouble and then delighted in getting out of it.

He was the fist-pumping Spanish golfing prodigy and Ryder Cup hero.

He could play wonder shots out of car parks and from behind trees.

Now, Seve Ballesteros's story is to be told on film by Stephen Evans, the award-winning British producer of The Madness of King George and The Wings of the Dove.

The production, to be titled Seve, will concentrate on the formative years of the golfing maestro, who died this summer aged 54.

"We're dealing essentially with his youth from the age of 16 to 19," Evans said. "Unless you understand his youth, you'll never understand Ballesteros and you'll never give him the sympathy that he merits."