DVR Alert: First Round Chevron World Challenge


I know, the first round of the Chevron World Challenge may not normally be one of your top 5 "Must DVR" rounds of the year, but with weather forecasts calling for 50 m.p.h. Santa Ana winds this could be wild.

Jim Furyk explained in his pre-tournament press conference:

When you think about the weather that's coming in, what makes this golf course difficult is a lot of Jack Nicklaus's golf course designs are built to be played in the air.  If you think of Muirfield in Ohio, one of my favorite golf courses, it's a golf course that if you're not bouncing the ball into a lot of greens, you're putting the ball up in the air and stopping on the greens.  And it makes it very difficult in the wind.  And it's the same with this golf course.

If the conditions are nice and the greens are soft, we can put the ball in the air and stop it and kind of maneuver around or over trouble, and with the winds kicking up and being I'm hearing 25 to 35 with gusts over 50 ‑‑ that's what I read this morning, gusts over 50, this place isn't ‑‑ it won't be playable.  So I don't know if that's actually the weather report, but I read that on this morning.  And it was worse last night when I checked.  It was 25 to 40 and gusts over 60.

So supposed to start at midnight tonight and last till noon on Friday.  So if we get weather like that, gusts over 50, the ball will not stay still on a green here.  We have to put the ball in the air to play this golf course, so the wind, we're going to have to be very careful and hitting very solid shots to control the ball when you put it up in the air in a strong wind.  I would expect scoring to be high, and I would expect the greens to be quite soft and quite slow.

I mean if you're going to get winds that are actually 35 miles an hour, I don't think you can cut the greens, to be honest with you.  Or else it's not going to stay on the green.  So it'll be interesting to see what the weather does and how everything plays out.  It won't be any fun.  I promise you that.

While Royal Melbourne was designed for the wind, I can confirm that Sherwood most definitely is not playable in high winds.