Tiger Lexicon Expands On Eve Of Chevron World Challenge

And sadly, the transcript did not reflect what he actually said, but there were witnesses!

Q.  Tiger, recently you told me that last year when you came to this event you could only hit the ball one way and still were able to take it to a playoff to nearly win.  With a year now under your belt and all the talk we've had about how more comfortable you are, what is your expectation level for this week in terms of going out there and winning?

TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, last year I was very limited in what I could do, and like I told Sean last year, I just gotta rely on my putter, and hopefully some of the pins set up and the wind sets up correctly for me because I only had that one shot at the time.  But now, I feel very comfortable maneuvering the ball both ways and changing my trajs as well, so I'm excited about this week.  It'll be interesting tomorrow.

That trajs was actually "trajies" or, "trajeys" or, well, you get the idea.

Ron Sirak reports on the Tiger's sitdown with the scribes and local TV sports anchormen a day before his foundation's event kicks off at Sherwood.

Doug Ferguson focuses on Tiger's comments about wind showing him where his swing is.

It wasn't the results, or even the scores, that pleased him. It was his play in blustery conditions — testing conditions in Sydney at The Lakes, even more demanding in Melbourne.

"Anybody who makes swing changes ... you get exposed in the wind," Woods said Wednesday. "I felt very comfortable in that wind, which was great."

Brian Wacker noted a rare moment of self-deprecating humor from Tiger.