Someone Saved Stevie's Career Today

That's Robert Lusetich's take on Tiger's press conference in Sydney. He also explains how the encounter between the former soul mates happened.

Woods walked into the gym at his harborside hotel and there was Williams.

“We talked this morning, we met face to face and talked about it, talked it through,” Woods said. “He did apologize. It was hurtful, certainly, but life goes forward.”

The two finished the conversation by shaking hands, Woods said.

Williams later told me he didn’t want to say any more, though it’s clear he feels he’s been treated unfairly. He appeared on a radio station in his native New Zealand protesting that his comment, made at a supposedly off-the-record caddies dinner held on Friday night in Shanghai, had been “blown out of all proportion.”

Bob Harig also noted how Tiger has learned from recent controversies, refusing to let this one get out of hand.

In Woods' case, he could have let the situation fester, could have made things mighty uncomfortable for the caddie who was on his bag for 13 major championships. How their relationship got to this point is something that Woods could not even answer on Tuesday at The Lakes Golf Club, where the Australian Open begins on Thursday.

"That's a great question. I don't know that one,'' Woods said of the relationship gone sour. "For me, personally, it was a tough decision to make to go in a different direction in my personal life. But as far as personally, I don't know how that could have happened the way it did, but it did and here we are. So as I said, life goes forward, I just keep moving forward.''