Chime In: "The 18 Most Annoying Golf Partners"

I finally got to spend some quality time with's "18 Most Annoying Golf Partners" slideshow and while it's great fun, I've been a little disappointed at the reader nominations in the comments below. Maybe they did such a good job that no one could offer anything to top "Ball Retriever Guy," "Oblivious Guy," the "Air Counter" guy. I was however, slightly hurt by the "Plumb Bobber," which hit a little close to home.

However, I think the wise readership of this site could chime in with a few others, because I know they're out there. My personal nomination came as a result of a recent round in Australia where I was paired with not one, but two Rangefinder Guys.

These are well meaning people who are (A) addicted to their distance measuring device, (B) wait until the flagstick is in the hole to get a yardage and, (C) out of guilt for not speeding up play with devices supposedly speeding up play, offer you a yardage even though you've already done your homework while the group in front was putting. Well-meaning, but a wee bit annoying after you've declined their yardage offers five or six times.