Flash: China Claims First U.S. Open Trophy!

You thought Rory McIlroy had the trophy, but it turns out our good friends in China--well, our partners--have decided they'd like to keep it. Bernie McGuire reports on Chinese authorities seizing the cup first handed to Horace Rawlins in 1895.

The United States Golf Association (USGA), who administer the U.S. Open, along with management giant International Management Group (IMG) and McIlroy’s Dublin-based Horizon Sports have been working feverously to have the trophy returned.

The U.S. Trophy was despatched by McIlroy’s previously management company, International Sports Management (ISM) to TNT Transport for shipping to Shanghai for the Shanghai Masters that McIlroy won in a play-off from American Anthony Kim.

However that is the last time anyone has laid eyes on the trophy.

“ISM shipped the trophy out in its special protective box to Shanghai and the Lake Maclaren Shanghai Masters but there was no one present at the course to receive it so it was taken back to the shipping agents depot,” said Horizon Sports Conor Ridge.

Chubby must really miss this drama.

Meanwhile, Brian Keogh explains that Rory is, shocker of all shockers, burned out from his 10-week, five country season ending cash grab. In between were three days of intravenous fluids during the vacation portion. And there's still a trip to Dubai followed by a return to Asia.

“There are only a few more rounds left this season and I am going to try and give it my all in every single one of them,” he added. “It’s a hard season and that is why it is so important to take your breaks at the right time and make sure you are fresh for every event you play.

“This 10-week run I have been on so far definitely hasn’t helped me be fresh for every single event. But it is something that I wanted to do and something I will learn from and probably something that I won’t do again.  
“I think maybe two or three weeks in a row is my limit and then a couple of weeks off. But you learn every year about these things and I will make sure I don’t have such a stress like this next year.

“I got sick for a few days and it was touch and go whether I was going to play in the World Cup, but I played and I felt fine. But I feel like this week it might be catching up with me again but no big deal. I will give it my all these next two days and see what happens.”

No doubt his new manager was listening attentively to every word.