Likelihood Of Clinton Appearance In Desert Improves With Departure Of Hope Girls, In-N-Out Truck

Larry Bohannan reports that temptations in two prominent forms have been dispatched from the Bob Hope Classic Humana Challenge.

On the other hand, the other tradition that is dying dates back only to the George Lopez era of the event. That’s when the tournament started bringing the mobile In’N'Out burger wagon to the tournament. If you had access to the driving range (players, agent, caddie, officials, media) you could get a free In’N'Out burger, fries and a drink on the Tuesday of the tournament.

Uh, no more. Okay, maybe the whole health and wellness concept kind of works against hamburger in general, not just In’N'Out.

According to Bohannan, a replacement truck serving Ruth's Chris sliders will instead appear. That hardly sounds like a healthy upgrade.