Contest Coming Soon: 1986 Masters, Where Were You?

Next week will begin the countdown to the 2011 Masters and the 25th anniversary of the all-time greatest playing of the tournament. I'll be celebrating the anniversary and the build-up to the year's first major with some exclusive interviews and coverage.

To commemorate what has become golf's ultimate "where were you?" moment, I'd like to have a modest contest. Next Monday March 28th, I'll post where I was during the final round Masters and ask you to share stories of where you were, who you were with, or of course, your horror stories about missing out on the great day. A panel of esteemed experts will narrow it down to the top three responses and we'll all vote on the winner. Even more modest prizes will be offered (I'm still working on those but already have two fun ones for '86 Masters connoisseurs).

In the meantime, you have a week to pen your post. Please keep the submissions under 500 words, avoid the use of obscenities and most of all, share with us where you were on that great day, what you saw, heard  or didn't see and hear!

To get you in the mood, here are two videos from YouTube, including a wonderful highlight reel straight from the '86 final round telecast.