Reluctant First Masters Question: Tiger Interview Edition

I don't enjoy wasting such an opportunity kick off the traditional Masters reflection posts with such a downer of a subject when there was so much good to come out of the week, but based on the emails and wide range of feedback I'm receiving for a Golf World Monday item about Tiger's post round interview with Bill Macatee, we need to get this one out of the system so that we can talk about topics that matter.

My point in the item was pretty simple: there was a stark contrast between Tiger's interview and the post round chats with Ogilvy, Donald, Scott, Day and most of all, McIlroy, who would have been well within his right to take a pass.

I'm most fascinated by the criticism of Macatee's questions. Just like last year when Peter Kostis was unfairly blasted for his questions of Tiger, the counterpoint seems to be that Tiger gives clipped answers because the questions are bad.

I'm pretty sure these are the only questions that might have made Tiger more agreeable:

Q: David Feherty says this is the best version of yet of your wonderful collaborations with EA Sports. What's it like to play the real course after having played it on the multitude of platforms supported by Tiger Woods PGA Tour '12?

Q: Your foundation is doing so many wonderful things. And you recently launched an app to benefit the foundation, can you tell us about it?

Q: You rolled the ball well today. Is it your new Nike Method 003's grooves that are making the difference?

Here's the interview where you can see what Macatee asked and what Tiger reluctantly answered for the audience of millions who he wishes would find him more likeable so that he can ink some new endorsement deals: