Augusta Double Standard? Tournament Chairman Ridley Using His Phone On The Course...

Two readers saw today's item on Charlie Rymer's banishment for using his cell phone outside the media center. Here's what one wrote:

On Thursday afternoon was walking between 15 and 17 toward the end of the day and saw Fred Ridley talking on his cell phone.  Apparently the no cell-phone-on-the-grounds policy doesn’t apply to members.

Mr. Ridley is the former USGA President who heads the tournament committee at Augusta National. I went back and looked at the tape because I recalled seeing Ridley on his phone during play, near the 17th green as Luke Donald was putting. Look in the upper left corner:

The view of 17 green as Luke Donald putts Thursday. (click to enlarge)Tournament Committee Chair Fred Ridley on his cell? (click to enlarge)

I completely understand the need to use a phone when you are dealing with rule issues and course setup as Mr. Ridley and his commitee quite capably did last week. What I find objectionable is that Mr. Ridley was so indiscreet with his phone use that spectators saw him using it and that television cameras were able to catch him on the phone so close to tournament action.

Asked for comment on the cell phone policy for committees, Augusta National spokesman Steve Ethun replied: "The Masters Tournament Committee registers electronic devices approved for the conduct of the Masters."