Augusta's Lack Of OB: Were You Bothered?

When Rory McIlroy's Sunday drive careened off of an Augusta National tree branch and headed toward the cabins, I found it refreshing that he was able to find and play the ball. Then again, I'd like to see the OB removed from the right side of the Home hole at St. Andrews so that we could see someone play off the steps of Old Tom Morris' Golf Shop.

Even though the cabins were very much on the property, McIlroy's ball normally would be out of bounds at most courses even if it was perfectly playable, as was the case here.

In this week's Golf World, Tim Rosaforte checked with the club to see if any change would be made and was told no.

Am I in the minority thinking how phenomenal it is that the club doesn't line the place with OB stakes or clutter up its hazards with red and yellow stakes?