Rory: My Win Not As Impressive As Tiger In 2000

Chris Fedor with a nice summary of Rory's appearance on the Dan Patrick Show that has been talked about quite a bit by those who heard it.  On whether if he thinks his performance at the U.S. Open was as good as Tiger’s in 2000:

“No I don’t think it’s as impressive. Tiger was the only person under par in that field that week and I think there was 20 people under par at Congressional. The golf course was scorable and I was able to score a little lower than the rest of the guys but what Tiger did in Pebble to win by 15 shots was ridiculous. The performance I put in last week was good, it was great, but definitely not quite up there with what Tiger did in 2000.”

And on playing the PGA Tour full time:

“I tried it out last year and it didn’t quite work out for me. I love playing in the states, I love going over there, and I love spending time there, but I’m never going to leave the European Tour, it’s my home tour, and it’s a tour that gave me my opportunities at the start of my career. It’s tough to play both tours, I’d like to play a little bit more in the states, but it’s just tough with everything else that’s going on around the world. Hopefully I can make a few more appearances over there, but I don’t think I will join in the next couple of years anyway. It doesn’t mean to say that I will never join the tour again, but just at this moment in time, I think the schedule I have right now it works pretty well and we’ll just have to wait and see.”