Bubba In Paris: "All Watson’s done is tarnish his fun-loving image and drawn comparisons to the ‘ugly American tourist’ that we all thought we saw the back of decades ago."

I was so excited when I turned on the Golf Channel Thursday and saw America's  best golfer teeing it up in Paris. I thought, wow, Bubba Watson's picking up a nice appearance fee, experiencing a different culture and scouting out the 2018 Ryder Cup venue. Not to mention, quieting Euro skeptics who say Americans don't travel.

You go Bubba!

Then I read Bernie McGuire's account of day one for Bubba in Paris and after a 74, well, it seems there won't be a return visit. And most likely, no return invite either.

But when politely asked for a post round comment all the World No. 12 could say was:  “I think this might be the only time I play in Europe.  I miss my home.

“I love France. France is a nice place. Paris is a beautiful city.  I went to the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre, somthing like that, and the arch way, and saw the castle that we are staying next to (Versailles Palace).”

Louvre, something like that.

And there was this....

Also Watson’s been ‘difficult’ all week by declining simple requests for interviews and even an approach from one of SKY’s more attractive female employees to film a head shot of him during the informality of Wednesday’s Pro-Am.

“See my manager,” was his only comment.

Also it’s believed Watson refused to share a courtesy car from his hotel to the course with a European Tour player and instead demanded his own courtesy car.

Oy. Bobby Joe Grooves is alive and well!

McGuire goes on to detail a list of other Bubba acts. Because, you know, it's tough to have to go to Paris in summer for $200k. Makes ya proud to be an American!