"But when it came to what went wrong at the Open, McIlroy sounded like he was raised in Palm Springs."

Oh boy. And that's just from America's Sam Weinman. Wait until the UK writers chime in on Rory's bizarro final round comments. Granted, he's frustrated, he's wet, he's cold, etc... but rather shocking stuff for someone raised in...Northern Ireland!

From Weinman:

"I'm not a fan of golf tournaments that are predicted so much by the weather," he said. "It's not my sort of golf."

Given that most tour players, even Phil Mickelson, have attempted to adjust their games to handle the Open's myriad conditions, it was proposed to McIlroy he would need to do the same to contend in the game's oldest championship. McIlroy didn't necessarily agree.

"It's either that or just wait for a year when the weather is nice," he said. "My game is suited for basically every golf course and most conditions, but these conditions I don't enjoy playing in really. That's the bottom line. I'd rather play when it's 80 degrees and sunny and not much wind."

And yet he won't play The Players!