Chubby On Rory: “You guys get them when they’re disappointed when they have just finished."

Brian Keogh reports on Rory McIlroy's agent Chubby Chandler coming to the defense of his client after Rory's surprising post-round comments suggesting that Open golf was not his thing.

Chubby agrees with McIlroy's belief he should not change his game for one week a year, even though it's the most important tournament of the year. Also note the line about wind.

“I think he’s right,” Chandler said. “Why would you change what he’s got? What will happen is that he will gradually learn to play the shots that Darren learned 15 years ago.  But at 22 he has not got the experience.  And it won’t be a case of changing his game. He won’t need to do that because he can win a lot of golf tournaments with that game.

“He will get a couple of times when the wind is not up in the Open and it will be a lot easier. But he will learn. He will learn to play because I tell you what, he has learnt an awful lot in a year. Last year he had no idea. This year he was much better.”

Chubby also suggested the timing of the questions did not help. After all, the lad had a better place to be in London.

As Chandler noted: “You guys get them when they’re disappointed when they have just finished. So what comes out of their mouth, Bubba Watson style isn’t always what they are thinking. So you have always got to temper that. He is not going to go away and think I have got to practice this way and that way to win the Open. But he will get better at it.”