Geezers On Rory: Adapt Or You Won't Win

Most of the Euro Tour beat writers remain reluctant to question the long term future of Rory McIlroy in the Open Championship after he wrote it off Sunday, but as Karl MacGinty Brian Creighton reports several old geezers saw Rory McIlroy's comments about the Open and believe he needs to change his attitude.  Nick Price was the toughest:

“He had better get out there and start liking those courses and figuring out a way to play them. And if he's a good enough player, he will do that.

“He may not like it as much but he will learn. I guarantee you, he will learn to play and enjoy it on links courses.”

Ian Woosnam was the most erudite. And I bet you never thought you'd see his name and that word in the same sentence!

“He's only a young kid. He's going to say the wrong thing again and again. He's probably thinking ‘What the hell have I said?'“ Woosnam commented on the US Open champion.

“But if he wants to win the Open he's going to have to adapt. Tiger has adapted, Nicklaus adapted. Palmer, they all adapted.

“He needs to adapt to it. It's not changing your game. It's changing the way you think. All you have to do is move the ball back a couple of inches in your stance and take a club or even two clubs more to play. It's called control.”