"The U.S. Open was just a factory to take your money."

Aaron McFarling in the Roanoke Times walks around the property Friday and lists all of the ways the Greenbrier Classic excels. While I giggle at the references to the Old White Guys TPC playing "too easy" last year (wasn't it also one of the most exciting events of the year?), this little note about the fan experience caught my eye:

Wade Kennedy is among them. He's 46, a Virginia Tech grad and a devoted golf fan. This summer, he attended the U.S. Open at Congressional.

He likes this better.

"The U.S. Open was just a factory to take your money," said Kennedy, who brought his entire family from Richmond to this event. "The hospitality and the friendliness of the tournament staff here is second to none. They make you feel comfortable, and you enjoy yourself because of that."

Hospitality was one of the many things Greenbrier officials had right the first time around. Good to know they haven't lost it.