Your Move Commish: Lexi WD's From Q-School

Sean Martin talks to Lexi Thompson'a agent, who confirms the 16-year-old winner of an LPGA event will not be returning to Q-School second stage next week, whapping the ball firmly in Commissioner Mike Whan's court.

“This is a time for Lexi to enjoy and relish her victory and enjoy New York,” Kreusler said from New York, where Thompson was on a media tour. “It's the week of the Solheim Cup, and the focus should be on that. Mike and I will have conversations when he returns (from Ireland). I need to file a petition; I have not. Lexi certainly will not be at second stage, but not based on anything I’ve been told. Mike and I have always had very honest, very straightforward and productive dialogue. I believe ultimately Mike and I will be able to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion.”