Clarke On Open Eve: "I still can’t f***ing putt!"

Brian Keogh relays a fun early-Open Championship week story courtesy of instructor Pete Cowen from Royal St. George's before Darren Clarke went on to win.

“Darren walked up to me Tuesday morning at the Open, down the range near the Mizuno truck.

“And I said: ‘Alright, Darren?’

‘No, I’m f***ing not. I cant f***ing hit it. I’m f***ing useless. I’ve got no pressure on it, no flight, the f***ing spin is out of control, I’m hitting about that far behind it, I’m narrow on the downswing and I can’t f***ing putt.’

‘Oh. Okay. What are we going to do about that?’

‘We’d better f***ing sort it, f***ing right out.’

“So two hours later he’s hitting it great and turns around and says to me: ‘I still can’t f***ing putt!’

“I wish I’d had that tape recorder so I could play it back to him on the Sunday night [after winning] and say, ‘Who’s this guy?’”