Q-School Replacement Idea Getting Worse By The Day

Ryan Ballengee talks to Nationwide Tour president Bill Calfee, who says players showing up at a Torrey Pines player meeting will get to hear the latest concept for the PGA Tour/Nationwide Tour's three-event fall finish, which is designed to help lure a Nationwide title sponsor and replace PGA Tour Q-School as an annual avenue to the tour.

Check out this:

Beginning in 2013, a total of 50 PGA Tour cards will be awarded through a three-tournament series on the Nationwide Tour schedule. Q-School will only offer status on the Nationwide Tour.

The top 75 players from the Nationwide Tour money list and the first 75 players who fail to qualify for the PGA Tour playoffs will be a part of the series. In addition, Calfee said a number of top amateurs or collegiate players could be invited to take part in the series.

“It’s kind of like our form of the FedEx Cup, in some ways,” he said.

So now they are talking sponsor's invites for college players into the series?

What's next, spots for a few of the Commissioner's favorite players outside the top 125? Former Players Champions who no longer have status?