"Bernhard's miss crossed my mind for half a second."

There was actually some inexplicable social media criticism of NBC for airing a replay of Bernhard Langer's 1991 Ryder Cup putt right before Martin Kaymer's putt to ensure the cup returned to Europe.

Seems the putt crossed Kaymer's mind, too. From an Graham Otway's Dunhill Links Championship report today:

"I was standing behind the ball and then when I bent down and saw a footprint, Bernhard's miss crossed my mind for half a second. But it didn't have any influence in a positive or negative way. I saw the footprint, thought Bernhard, okay, gone. But it's in the past – it was 21 years ago.

"And if you stick to the facts it was the easiest putt you can have, even though with all the circumstances. It was uphill and inside the right line. There is no easier putt. We have to make that putt millions of times and I had to try to forget about the Ryder Cup."

It's just a shame Kaymer only made the putt to secure a tie. Unlike Molinari, who won the Cup for Europe!