Monty On 2012 Ryder Cup Win For European Tour: "Nothing but good for the coffers"

For the first time Monty concedes he won't be asked to captain the 2014 Ryder Cup team and his comments about Tiger in this first person account of the Ryder Cup were picked up by a few sites.

But I thought this was a refreshingly frank take on the financial necessity of winning the Ryder Cup for the European Tour.

Our Tour needs the Ryder Cup more than ever in this economic climate. The win can do nothing but good for the coffers. I always felt it was important we won for that reason at Celtic Manor; but it was even more important at Medinah. Let’s hope that the Tour’s executive can build on this.

Yes there are a lot of our heavyweights playing in America but there’s an awful lot of fine youngsters coming through in Europe, desperate to play in the Ryder Cup. If we had been thrashed, as it was looking at one point, potential sponsors might have been put off. Now these potential sponsors will say I want a part of this.

And the Tour will carry on producing players good enough to tackle the best America has to offer. Certainly, they’ll do so at Gleneagles. I keep being asked by people if I’ll return as a captain for Scotland’s first Ryder Cup in 41 years. My answer is always the same – ‘I’d do it if I was asked’. But I won’t be asked.