Captain Love Second Guesses Those Two Awkward Sunday Hole Locations Chosen By Captain Love

I've wondered who was to blame for those two Sunday Ryder Cup hole locations on 17 and 18 at Medinah that were cut right with a right-to-left wind, making them hard to access by even the best shots.

Now we know the culprit thanks to Tim Rosaforte.

If Love could do it all over, what would he do?

"My second guesses were the pins at 17 and 18," he said. "They should have been left in the right to left wind. And that we put so much thought into a plan to win Friday and Saturday that we did not get across to the younger guys on the team the way to win in singles."

This would seem to take the PGA's Kerry Haigh or the on-site weatherman off the hook for what either seemed like a mistake or the product of an unexpected wind.