Tiger Issues First Documented Apology Since The Apology

Perhaps distracted by a model toy airplane, Tiger Woods admitted Tuesday that he apologized to the U.S. Ryder Cup rookies for stinking up the joint. Wonder if it sounded like The Apology?

He also said the loss at Medinah has been weighing on him.

James Corrigan with the story from Turkey.

“I had an opportunity to earn three points in team sessions and didn’t do that,” said Woods. “We were 10-6 up but Stricks and I didn’t win any points and, obviously if we had, our lead would have been even more commanding. My point [in the final match] didn’t matter when all was said and done. Stricks and I were sent out to win points and we didn’t do it. That was frustrating.”

And there was this...

“For me, it didn’t set in for a couple of days. As soon as I got home, I had two sick kids to take care of. They were not at school, they had fevers, so I had to focus on them. Then I started to talk to friends and it started to sink in. That’s when it got tough.”

Far more fascinating was this editor's note at the end of Ewan Murray's Guardian story on the same press conference:

Ewan Murray travelled to Antalya courtesy of Turkish Airlines, which is sponsoring the World Golf Final

The Guardian was the only paper to put such a tagline on its coverage from Turkey.