Tiger As A Future Ryder Cup Captain: There's A Debate?

Apparently Tiger Woods suggesting he might like to captain a Ryder Cup team has prompted even some debate about the possible strengths or merits of a Woods captaincy?

Hate to interject, but he'll be a captain because (A) he's earned the right many times over if he wants to do it (B) he'll raise the already ridiculously high bar for Ryder Cup interest and intrigue that will already have been raised by a Mickelson captaincy.

Or, in the PGA of America's world, Tiger'll make them gobs of money.

Ron Sirak, contemplating a Tiger captaincy some day:

My guess there is that the PGA of America would fall all over itself to say "yes" if Tiger indicated he really wanted the job. I mean talk about being handed a sure-fire marketing situation. The Ryder Cup would go from a cash cow to a cash herd.

It's easy to say the Ryder Cup captains get too much credit for victories and too much blame for losses. But from where I sit, Seve Ballesteros and Ben Crenshaw made a difference for winning sides while Sutton and Mark James, with his Sunday singles line-up for Europe in 1999, contributed to losses.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I think the captain can make a difference, and I'm not so sure Tiger would make a good captain. But I will say this, if he had the position, here is what he would bring to the job: Intelligence and a desire to win.