Liberty National Largely Undamaged By Sandy

Brian Wacker with a roundup of a few significant venues in the eye of Sandy and Liberty National, home to the 2013 Barclays so CBS can show the Statue Of Liberty 400 times, has gone largely unscathed. Heaven knows, the players will be relieved.

Days after the storm, Cupp, who designed Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, N.J., with Tom Kite, was still getting damage reports from up north, which included news that a loose ferry boat ended up about 10 feet from the cart path on the 10th hole.

There was also water in the lower parts of the clubhouse and several trees down on the course, which will host The Barlcays next year.

“The storm surge in Jersey City on the wind side of the bay was 12-15 feet, but the water was not salty because most of the water at that point is from the Hudson River,” Cupp said Thursday via text message. “I’d say they dodged a bullet.”

A reader sent in this photo making the rounds of the ferry in question: