Genuine Inspiration: Stacy Lewis And Luck Of The Draw

Stacy Lewis is the first American since Beth Daniel in 1994 to be named LPGA player of the year and teeing it up in the LPGA season finale near Tampa Naples (Randall Mell previews).

She also has an amazing backstory that Doug Ferguson has recounted in an AP story that thankfully will be picked up nationally at a time we need a break from panic attack propaganda.

Lewis's story is complicated, but essentially a pretty cool doctor named Gary Brock met her through an instructor whose services he enjoyed after winning a raffle. The doctor learned of Lewis' scoliosis, irregularly shaped spine and ensuing lack of flexibility.

Ferguson writes of Lewis' good fortune and determination to succeed:

The original plan was to insert two rods in her back. Brock suggested a single rod with five screws, which would allow her more flexibility and rotation for golf. It also meant going in from the side, breaking a rib and maneuvering around two major blood vessels.

''I remember he called my wife and I and said, `We need to do a different surgery,''' said Dale Lewis, her father. ''He said, `It's going to take twice as along. It's twice as risky. The recovery is twice as long. But she'll be so much more flexible.'''

Lewis took it from there.