"The innovative fusion sport of soccer-golf is helping Argentine courses stay afloat in testing economic times when golfing revenue alone is often not enough..."

Magail Cervantes of Reuters on Argentinians' growing interest in soccer-golf (who knew?)

The game's objective, like golf, is to get the regulation size-five football in the targeted hole in as few kicks as possible.


Tees and fairways are set up to one side in order that the grass on the golf courses is not damaged.

"You don't have to be a good soccer or golf player, you just need to know how to kick the ball and know how to think - to analyse the course so as to not take unnecessary risks," said Ancizar.

He believes the day when golfers and soccer-golfers can share the course is a long way off.

"We haven't had a time when we were playing simultaneously. When we do these kinds of events they close off the grounds for our use only," said Ancizar.

"In reality it's strange that they co-exist. If a golfer gets hit by a football it wouldn't bother him too much but if a soccer-golfer gets hit by a golf ball problems could arise."

Curious about how soccer-golf is played, I found this IB Times story showing soccer-golf in action.