At Least Duck Fans Have This To Look Forward To...

After losing to Stanford at home in the College Football Lose-Early Bowl Championship Series, Oregon is likely out of the national title hunt but hey, $25 million and some favorable planning commission votes later,  they could have a Tom Fazio design under construction by 2014.

The $25 million includes an endowment to maintain the course and presumably to prepare for the inevitable Fazio redo after everyone grows bored with the first go-round.

Tom Adams of KVAL TV filed a report online and for the local news.

"The dream is that this would be a world-class golf course," Mike Evans, a land use consultant.

Evans said the par 72 course would cover 130 acres of ranchland where the Christensen Brothers once raised stock for rodeos.

Faz with only 130 acres to work with? So much for the separation between holes. And really, what is the point if you can't have separation? But it's a 10 nonetheless...

"Considered from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest quality, he said this is a number 10 location for a golf course," Evans said.

No public money would be involved in developing the property. Donors would be needed to foot the $25 million bill, which includes setting up an endowment to pay for course operations.

Craig Pintens, senior associate athletics director at UO, told KVAL News the university is not actively soliciting funds for this plan, although they welcome the course if it can be done.

One less check for Phil Knight to write.