Wozzilroy Files: Caroline Pops A Question In Rory's Post Round Presser

After Rory McIlroy opened with a 66 in Dubait, Tony Jimenez explains what happened in the post round press conference.

The Danish tennis player, a former world number one, interrupted the normal talk about birdies and bogeys and five-irons and three-woods with a question out of the blue from the back of the room.

A smiling Wozniacki, dressed in all white, took the microphone from one of the reporters and asked McIlroy amid roars of laughter from the assembled media: "If you win this week am I going to get a really nice Christmas present?".

The world's number one golfer pulled his cap over his eyes before telling his girlfriend: "Have you not already got a lot of nice presents?

"I have been looking, I have been looking. But it won't take winning this week to buy you a nice present - I'll get you a nice present anyway."

It drew another smiling response from the golf-watching Wozniacki: "That must be because I'm an unbelievable cheerleader".

McIlroy prompted more giggles from the floor when he said: "You're a better tennis player", to which the Dane replied, "That's not very nice".

Ewan Murray wasn't quite as kind in The Guardian, calling the moment "embarrassing" and noting Rory's "red face."

GulfNews.com's Ashley Hammond described the scene this way:

Ignoring McIlroy’s “Don’t even think about it” warning as he walked into the room and saw her among the press-pack, the winner of 20 WTA career titles stood up toward the end of the conference, much to her boyfriend’s embarrassment, and said: “You obviously have unbelievable support this week."

Brian Keogh noted the Gulf News story and the assertion that the reporter believes a wedding is soon in the offing.