Twas The Night Before Q-School

On the eve of the final PGA Tour Qualifying School that will offer the chance to play in The Show, PGA Tour player Bob Estes sent in this homage to the competitors and the institution. Thanks Bob!

Twas the night before Q School
And no player could sleep.
Thoughts of big numbers
Make it hard to count sheep!

But you've practiced and practiced.
You've paid all your dues.
You were very prepared
And cruised through stage two.

Now to the Finals
Where dreams can come true!
No wife. No kids,
Just your caddy & you.

So you're six arounds away
From fortune and fame.
A return to the "minors"
Would be nothing but lame!

Talent and patience
Are each day required.
Finish real high
And the Tour says,"You're hired!"

So good luck to all.
I've been there before.
It's your last chance to do it.
It ain't happenin' no more!