Second Instant Poll: Would Two Sets Of Rules Make Golf Less Appealing?

The anchoring ban announced yesterday has provoked plenty of emotion, forcing many golfers or fans of the sport to consider big picture questions about what this mean. And thoughts usually come back to the odd situation we find ourselves where rulemaking is often revolving around elite players of the world at a time that their game is pretty healthy and the everyday sport struggles.

I continue to hear from people upset that the anchoring ban will drive themselves or a friend to throw in the towel because anchoring was the one thing that helped them with the yips. And while I'll don't think the numbers are huge, even losing one person to the game over what is mostly an issue for the professional game is of great concern.

Over the last few days at Tiger's World Challenge we've been asking players to talk about bifurcation of the rules and most feel strongly that one set of rules is paramount. Professionals are generally against bifurcation because they are paid well to play clubs and balls that you may buy. I've long felt that even with two sets of rules most golfers are purists and will continue to play a form of the sport that adheres to the tradition of skill. And if people want to go all Happy Gilmore, that's fine too since many people already play a game that does not adhere to the Rules of Golf.

So I have a very basic question for the second poll question, and while it's probably too simplistic because there are so many fan and player elements to this question, I still think it would be interesting to know if you feel bifurcation of the rules between professionals and amateurs would make golf less appealing to you?

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