Take That Rory: Tiger Created $6 Million More In '12 Sponsor Media Value!

Leave it to Forbes to come up with a beauty. Kurt Badenhausen reports:

Woods generated $18.9 million in media value for his sponsors, Nike and Fuse Science, during U.S. golf telecasts this year, while racking up three PGA Tour victories. Nike alone commanded $18.1 million of the total based on a Repucom formula that calculates time and clarity on the screen of logos, as well as the cost to reach that audience. Woods is unusual in that he is outfitted head to toe in Nike and also uses the equipment of the Beaverton, Ore. sports giant. The Fuse Science logo is only on his golf bag. McIlroy’s sponsors, primarily Jumeirah, Oakley, Titleist, Footjoy and Audemars Piguet, received $12.9 million of value.

So Tiger's got this going for him.

“Tiger’s generally strong, consistent play, combined with him simply getting coverage because he is Tiger Woods, generated tremendous value for his sponsors,” says Repucom executive Peter Laatz.

Ranked behind Woods and McIlroy are Phil Mickelson ($11.8 million), Jim Furyk ($8.5 million) and Louis Oosthuizen ($8.2 million), whose second place finish at the Masters is responsible for 72% of his value.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling really good about these numbers.