14 And Headed Down Magnolia Lane: "The latest example of what might happen should China embrace golf other than superficially."

Guan Tianlang, all of 14 for two weeks now, is headed to the 2013 Masters thanks to his one-shot win in the Asia Pacific Amateur.

John Strege wonders what it'll all mean for golf in China.

Thus Guan will become the second Chinese 14-year-old to play in a major championship in a 10-month period. In June, Andy Zhang played in the U.S. Open at the Olympic Club. What each also has in common is that they train, at least part of the year, in Florida.

Golf remains largely an elitist sport in China, though it is growing; the number of courses there has increased from 170 to nearly 600 in the last eight years, according to a story by China Daily. We asked Dan Washburn, an expert on golf in China and a contributor to Golf Digest and Golf World for his thoughts on what impact Guan might have on Chinese golf.

Farrell Evans also tries to put some perspective on this amazing accomplishment.

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