USGA Kicks Off Water Summit For Absentee Voters

Great to see the USGA convening a summit to discuss water management and arguably the most important issue facing the game in America. But on election day?

Hunki Yun with the gory details and there is also this list of guest speakers.

Titled “Golf’s Use of Water: Solutions for a More Sustainable Game,” the summit will feature 20 speakers from both within the golf world and from other industries that impact course maintenance practices.

“With events like this summit, the USGA is taking substantive steps to move the golf industry toward a healthier, sustainable future,” said USGA President Glen Nager. “We understand that water management and sustainability are long-term issues, and the path forward won’t be easy.

“I hope that years from now, we can look back at this gathering as a significant milestone on the path toward a more sustainable game.”