D-III Golf Coach Unleashes Epic Post Tournament Rant!

Huntingdon College (motto: "Faith, Wisdom, Service") men's golf coach Matt Mahanic doesn't have the artistry of Lasorda on Bevacqua, or Lasorda's vast and diverse body of work**, or even the staying power of Shelly Dankert's 24 minute election meltdown, but in the world of college golf this has to go down as the epic rant from an NCAA van driver college coach.

Even better, Mahanic's venting followed a 12th place finish, was recorded, then emailed, then forwarded around until Deadspin got a copy.

Barry Petchesky reports and translates a few highlights, though there are many not mentioned as well.

Oh, and you might want to listen to this one with headphones to spare those around you. But be warned, they will want to know what you're laughing at!

**Link repaired.