Instant Poll: When Should Anchoring Ban Start In Light Of Keegan Heckling?

Many have asked about the timing of the anchoring ban start should the Rules of Golf change become effective January 1, 2016 as the governing bodies expect.

There may be no better example as to why this could be too long to wait. Keegan Bradley said he was heckled Saturday at the World Challenge (Bob Harig reports) and common sense even before Keegan's claim says that belly putterers will now be treated differently if they continue to use a method headed for a ban.

Even before the incident, this poll question was in the works for Monday based on the most frequent reaction to the ban: why wait so long?

When should the anchoring ban start?  (Note: the October 7, 2013 option is the first event of the 2013-14 PGA Tour schedule. There is certainly the possibility that Commissioner Image Over Substance may consider expediting the ban to avoid having some of his players branded as cheaters.)

Full disclosure, I voted January 1, 2014 because (A) the Rules of Golf should not revolve around the PGA Tour, especially its product diluting year-round madness, and (B) this gives all golfers a year to adjust.

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