Huggan Takes A Closer Look at Guan Tianlang's Game

John Huggan got a good look at 14-year-old Guan Tianlang during last week's Australian Open and says the 2013 Masters qualifier may find Augusta National overwhelming.

Still, as his playing companion alluded to, Guan’s slightness of stature and relative youth mean he is presently nowhere near long enough off the tee to compete successfully at professional level. Downwind, his lack of oomph is less noticeable but into the wind it is readily apparent. On average, Guan’s tee-shots expired a good 60-70 yards before those of the powerful Leishman, who is, admittedly, not exactly short.

Unless Guan manages to add 50 yards to his drives and maybe 50 pounds to his relatively puny physique, it is hard to imagine him being able to reach many of Augusta’s par-4s in regulation, or, in turn, break 80 in either of the two rounds he is surely destined to play in the 2013 Masters.