Drutter Golf?

Steve Metsch explains the story and invention of Dino Kapadia and his "Drutter", a combination driver and putter he invented for back pain sufferers who still want to walk the golf course.

Though I'm not really sure I can visualize how the three versions of the drutter work, but I like the imaginative effort...

One has two long spikes at the bottom, letting one plant the drutter and give a good base for a longer shot, he said. He developed the club because he loves the game but is unable to play conventionally.

“One, I have a bad back. Two, I see Augusta National on TV. It’s so pretty. I want to be able to walk on a golf course and I can’t swing a club,” he said. “I can play with this.”

By pulling the slingshot portion down at different angles, a player can make the ball go various distances.

“At approximately 45 degrees, that’s when you’ll drive it the farthest,” he said.

A steeper angle will make the ball go higher, like a wedge used to approach a green, he said. Less angle makes the ball stay lower, like a 3- or 4-iron. Kapadia also has invented a game called “walkolf,” for folks who use the drutter.