Freakonomics Guy: Forget Anchoring, Distance Is Golf's Real Problem

Thanks to reader Bertie for sending the link to best selling writer and economist Steven Levitt calling the governing body anchoring ban a "distraction" and make a case for something that reduces the footprint of golf courses.

It'll be interesting to see what how his readers respond to a question:

So, I’m wondering (without knowing the answer) if there might be a third approach.  Basically, what we need is a ball that goes about as far as the current ball when a golfer with a slow swing speed hits it, but goes less far than the current ball when a guy like Bubba Watson hits it.  With current technology, every extra mile per hour of clubhead speed translates into an extra three yards of distance. What I’m looking for is an alteration to balls or clubs such that someone who swings the club 100 mph still hits the ball the same distance as now, but someone who swings 130 mph hits it, say, 60 yards farther than the guy who hits it 100 mph, instead of 90 yards farther.