Battle Of The Bagmen Down Under!

Michael Chammas shares all of the blissfully beautiful details of a caddie brouhaha before round two of the Emirates Australian Open, where luggage handlers for James Nitties and Marc Leishman got into physical alteration over the success of their bosses on the PGA Tour.

Not--sorry to break the news to those of you in the pool--over a woman or money. Though the fighting did start at a casino before spilling onto the practice putting gree at The Lakes.

Leishman, Australia's only winner on the US PGA tour this season, on Friday welcomed an investigation into the dust-up between his caddie Matt Kelly and Grant Buchanan, the bagman of compatriot Nitties.

The PGA Tour of Australasia condemned the incident, which occurred near a practice green as the players prepared for their opening rounds, and did not rule out involving police.

However, it appears more likely one or both of the caddies will cop fines from the PGA, with an outcome expected by the end of next week.

The pair had to be separated during the incident, which was fuelled by an altercation between the caddies at the Star casino on Tuesday night.

Buchanan claimed Kelly had made taunts over Nitties' failure to crack the US PGA Tour but the blame game continued on Friday, with Leishman adamant his caddie was the victim.

"I don't think me or Matty have got anything to worry about," Leishman said.

"I was there and he (Kelly) didn't do anything.

"He stood there, copped what he got and didn't do anything apart from that. I was proud of him, to be honest."

Yes, a proud day indeed!