Finchem Admits: "The system is not broken"

In town to meet with the Players Advisory Council to discuss the Q-School revamp and move to a year-round schedule, Tim Finchem talked with Jill Painter and said the new season ending Nationwide v. PGA Tour 126-and-beyond was FedExCup inspired.

"It's like you can go to a golf tournament and say that's pretty good," Finchem said. "Or you can ask yourself, `Can it be better?' The system is not broken and it's worked for a long time, but we feel there's a better way to do it. We've had so much success with the FedEx Cup that we feel it's important to get everything oriented to the FedEx Cup."

And now that Jerry West is a Golden State Warrior excutive, it also sounds like this will be the final year of West's three-year deal to be Executive Director of the Northern Trust Open. Finchem:

"Jerry's made a major impact in a market with so much going on," Finchem said. "We pride ourselves on being involved with the community. Jerry has taken it upon himself to really drive that, and it's translated into more charitable dollars. He's been a great leader for us, and I hope he stays involved for a long time. Whatever he decides to do down the road, he will have left his mark on this tournament."

And there was this about his legacy...

Finchem, asked about the legacy he envisions, answered, "I don't think much about that. When I end my career, I want to be remembered as working hard and working well with other people. I want to make sure we're working closely with players, keeping our eye on the image of the tour and giving back to charity. That's not very complicated, but that's all you can ask for."