Butler National Eyes 21st Century Membership Stance

Teddy Greenstein reports that all-male Butler National is so desperate to return to the tournament stage, they might welcome Women-Americans. Strange times indeed!

If those governing bodies say yes — and industry sources believe they will — then the club's board would make a recommendation and be poised to take a vote among its members. A strong majority, believed to be three-quarters, would have to approve the change.

A U.S. Open could be worth $5 million to the club, industry analysts say, easily offsetting a migration of members who want the club to remain all-male. But that's just an estimate, given that the next available U.S. Open is in 2020.

Ed Sherman wonders, however, if this'll really happen with no near-future major dates available, no guarantee of anyone clamoring to return to Butler National, and that pesky problem of what to do with a clubhouse designed with grown men in mind who work out their unresolved issues by walking around naked.

The lavish clubhouse features big picture windows and the interior is mostly open without walls separating the various areas, such as the locker room. It's fine for an all-male membership, but not with women walking around.

Needless to say, having women on the grounds would fundamentally change the feel of Butler. Not that guys are snapping towels at each other's behinds, but there is a certain male vibe to the place.

Oh don't sell them short Ed, I'm sure there are some tremendous slouches there too.

Also, any bid to host a tournament would open up the club to scrutiny about its membership policies. You'd have plenty of people poking around the place.

For all those changes, what is the benefit for the club? The chance to host a major championship 12 to 15 years from now?