"There is no doubt these changes are only designed to benefit the US tour and not designed with regard to implications on other tours."

Ben Everill quotes PGA of Australia Chief executive Brian Thorburn about the PGA Tour's new year-round schedule and the realization is setting in that the Australian impact may be significant.

"One thing the US and other tours need to remember is the Australasian tour has produced a great number of good golfers over the years and we'd like that to continue so I'm sure they would want our pathways to continue to flourish.

"We have to wait for the details and then create strategies from that."

While the likes of established stars Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy may still choose country over money, fringe tour players would be risking a lot to forgo tournaments on the US Tour.

And other American players are less likely to be wooed by Australian tournament officials, even with appearance fees, if they can play for US PGA Tour money and points elsewhere.

Greg Chalmers says it'll come down to the value of points handed out in the fall.

"Coming home would be a much harder decision if you are not one of the game's top players.

"If you need to work to keep your job, I could understand players making a choice."