"They're actually finding a solution before it becomes a problem."

Ryan Moore defends the new Q-School/fiscal year calendar in the name of saving the fall events. I'm guessing he doesn't see the irony in his remarks to Stephanie Wei at golf.com.

I think it's great, honestly. I think I may be the only player I've heard say that, but I'm generally not afraid of change. Things have to be changed to keep moving and progressing, and I think that they may be addressing a problem early rather than trying to fix it later down the road in two or three years. They're actually finding a solution before it becomes a problem.

The "problem" of the fall events facing extinction because of irrelevancy was created by keeping them outside of the FedExCup Playoffs when the desire was to shorten the season. So technically, the tour is finding a solution after it became a problem of their own creation.