The Donald Does Bohemian Rhapsody!

Niamh Anderson of the Daily Mail reveals the overnight UK sensation (1000 YouTube views!!) though I must say, I'll never look at Donald Trump's comb-over quite the same again. And that's saying a lot. (Thanks reader David for this.)

The woman behind the video, freelance writer Hazel Cameron, 52, said she was delighted with how it turned out. She said: ‘It took nearly two years to complete but we are thrilled with it.’

She came up with the idea in 2010, when she and her friends were talking about Trump’s plans. Miss Cameron said she ‘had to do something’ to raise awareness about the links course.

She said: ‘His actions are appalling. I’ve spent almost my whole life working in business and I know how difficult planning and environmental laws can be.

'So why was he able to come in and sweep them all away? We have hundreds of golf courses in Scotland and we don’t need another one – especially if it means that people will lose their homes.’

She emailed May asking for  permission to use the song and was surprised to receive a reply within four hours. May told her: ‘I hope you will be able to stop this nasty project.’