"Finchem’s comments seem to have gone over just fine, as golf’s little circle continues to protect itself."

Greg Couch of Fox Sports looks at Commissioner Tim Finchem's statement that Augusta National is not doing anything illegal and therefore no issue presents itself for the tour.

What a statement that was from Finchem. The tour has taken a moral stance since 1990, when it made that policy not to play at clubs that exclude. And Finchem says it is followed “carefully.’’

Except at the Masters.

Except at the Masters? Exactly what event defines golf more than the Masters? What kind of moral stance has an “except at the Masters’’ clause?

It would be like Roger Goodell saying he’s here for the safety of players, putting in rules against head shots. Except at the Super Bowl.

Try telling your wife that you are strongly, morally opposed to infidelity. Except when it comes to that hot woman at the bar, who you are about to take to a hotel. See how that goes over.