Whan Keeps Asking Augusta National To Host A Women's Event

Monte Burke interviews Mike Whan about an array of topics and the LPGA Tour Commish comes off sounding pretty sharp.

Except for this delusional bit of pointless begging.

Forbes: Should Augusta National admit female members?

Whan: As the commissioner of the LPGA, I think Augusta should have a women’s tournament. I don’t care if they have female members.

Forbes: Really?

Whan: Well, at the end of the day I would have a difficult time explaining to my kids why dad was a member of all men’s club. [Whan is not a member at Augusta.] And I really doubt by the time my kids are my age this will even be a topic. They’ll have female members by then. It’s a private club they can do what they want. It’s worth noting that Augusta National is an incredible supporter of some of our initiatives. They write us a six-figure check every year for Girls Golf, which helps gets girls into the sport. I don’t think it’s a guilt check. Maybe it is. What’s frustrating is that the best players now on our tour can’t play there. I ask every year.

And let me guess? Billy Payne smiles, shakes your hand, (if he's had a glass of wine) says he'll take it under advisement, and always thanks you for attending The Masters.