Video: Clip Of Jack Getting Very Emotional Over Pal Watson

Talk about a buzzkill, but someone cut from Jack Nickaus--as emotional as you'll ever see him talking about another golfer--to the supremely forgettable speech by Ohio Governor John Kasich--before returning to the eloquent Tom Watson in the below Columbus Dispatch highlight package of today's ceremony for 2012 Memorial honoree Watson.

I Tweeted the event as it happened, and as wonderful as it was, I was stunned to see no active PGA Tour players sitting in on a ceremony involving the greatest ever and one of the all time greats. Even worse, for the "optics" obsessed tour, watching players walking by in the driving range background with a bag of balls in their hand, oblivious to the emotional tributes by two men who I believe have won as many majors as this year's field combined, was, to say the least, bizarre.

Anyway, back to these great champions. Here is a Golf Channel highlight package reported by Whit Watson. And Shawn Mitchell's written account for the Columbus Dispatch blog.

And the video by the Dispatch: